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It will probably pass unnoticed, I think of this news is extremely topical in the era of WikiLeaks

At the end of the fashion of the social network has also infected the CIA and FBI. The Central Bureau Intelligence Agency shows the world their latest weapon against global terrorism and, surprisingly, much like Facebook and MySpace. The next September 22 will see the light A-Space, what to all intents and purposes may be called the “social network of spies”, but not all.

A-Space. The project involves the CIA, FBI and the other 14 U.S. intelligence agencies that are part of the CI (United States Intelligence Community), which are also present between Goddess and NSA. The purpose of the 007 Americans is to create a multimedia platform through which all share sensitive information on terrorism and public security, a need emerged with force after September 11. A few months before the attack on the news, given by an FBI agent, terrorists trained to guide aircraft to the line but unable to land it, remained a dead letter, with the terrible consequences that we all know.

The heads of the Department of National Intelligence (DNI) have thus decided to get ideas for their platform from one of the most popular events on the web: the social network. Just like on Facebook, the employees of intelligence (and only them) will have access to the data published by other colleagues and, if necessary, add them as friends to collaborate through wikis, blogs, and in the future in 3D worlds.

Repubblica  September 9, 2008


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