War Games

In Uncategorized on January 18, 2011 at 4:21 pm

Various news of recent weeks is confirmed and, in particular, make clear the trend of opening new markets with new sales of “big spenders” that overlook the stage and entice the appetites of the industrial gunsmith (who are usual notes). All major companies have catapulted India for example in mid-February, eager to appease the voracious appetite for weapons of the Asian giant, the largest of the fairs held in New Delhi.

650 companies from 35 different countries have sought to secure a place at the table, whereas the Indian defense budget is one that is growing longer in recent years, driven primarily by the desire to replace the old Soviet system currently supplied with the best technologies on the market.
Also Italian Finmeccanica participates in the forefront  his vice president Filippo Bagnato said they consider India, which imports 70% of its weapons and military expenditures of approximately $ 26 billion, including the major players of the future. The holding of the flag has already sold weapons to the Indians during the last years :Sea King helicopters, torpedoes and equipment for monitoring and intends to continue business in the aircraft industry and control systems. No mention that the European MBDA joint venture (in which Finmeccanica also has a stake) through its Italian branch in recent years has sold missile batteries Sword 2000 to Pakistan (who wants to order more), while at the same time intended to give Indian missiles Mars in an anti-ship version of the extended range. As if to say: to enhance the cycle of spending that is induced by friction between the two Asian countries.


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