Sex and the “Italy”

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2011 at 8:45 am

They are just instincts, or is there a logic? Some say the man and woman create acombination of chemistry and physics that gives rise to a chain reaction type ofhormone. One on which we ask is if the Leader of Government is a different species of homo sapiens, if there is a chip through which they may inhibit the taste for beauty. Of course we are not fanatics of the cyber world but we can not find any scientific method that can curb the sexual instincts of our leaders. For this reason, we just repeat themeaning of a word in its Anglo-Saxon, to help those who suffer from low self-control and who is too used to spy through the keyhole (the journalists):
PRIVACY ‘. You can talk about intimacy, in consideration of the relationship that allows two or more individuals, given their confidence to live alongside each other every day without any discomfort, especially in domestic life. (Source Wikipedia)

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