Google or Bread

In Uncategorized on January 13, 2011 at 2:01 pm
We all know the recent news about Tunisia, where the rising price of basic necessitieshas caused so much unexpected as a violent protest. Surely the protest movement has its roots in a general discontent with the regime government. What attracts the attentionmost is this very strong discrepancy created by the globalization process.

Not later than one week ago, I read the interview with the CEO of Microsoft in Africa,between the lines was confirmed  the desire to make the web and technology   toolfor development of the country , the same continent that have no chance to  solve the problems ,in the pyramid of Maslow would be the basic needs (food, water, clothing ….).

What I wonder is what kind of development could have an economy so structured, if this global development has the effect of creating a rift in society, with deletion of the Middleclass, which is the realengine of consumption.

I believe that new rules should be codified in order to safeguard the evolution of society itself


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