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e-Bay, Expedia,, Buy on the web,, we could still go and list dozens of companies and websites dedicated to shopping online. A phenomenon that the U.S. is no longer news, but that in the old continent is still under analysis. A recent studypublished last November by a consortium Netcom, the European average of e-buyers in2009 has risen to 42% with peaks of 66% in the UK and 64% in Denmark. Italy is around 12%, only Greece has a worse result. 24% of buyers are over 55 years, thisshows that the household Internet penetration has increased in recent years, thanks to the increase in credit cards in circulation and safety standards.

Certainly one of the most interesting data is the growth rate of the first purchasegenerated from social networks. These social aggregators have become the driving force behind the online market. The strength of community lies in the rapid spread of thefeed-back purchase. Joys and sorrows of the brands on the market on-line, live in integrity and transparency. If before we could think of a market unconscious, where, at times, could pass on products at the end of the series, now the community “controls”part of the purchase, because the binding effect on individuality.
Today companies can not disregard this, the community becomes a specific segmentof the market, which is analyzed in its dynamic approach that is systematic.


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